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Have you ever felt unattended to at a crowded rehab facility, where one therapist is treating multiple patients? We treat all patients one-on-one, which allows us to reduce treatment frequency and minimize the risk of reoccurrence.

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Chiropractic care is sometimes recognized as alternative health care but it is a frequently recommended method of treatment for a number of issues. Patients suffering pain following an accident or daily discomfort may look to a chiropractor to provide relief.

  • Reduce back discomfort

  • Recommended for many         health issues

  • Number of techniques to treat spine and back injuries

  • Physical therapy after accidents

Why Seek Out a Chiropractor -

Colacurcio Wellness wants to offer you a solution to health issues, spine and back injuries, as well as daily discomfort you may suffer from. We take 45-60 minutes with you to provide education and the latest chiropractic treatments. Set up your first appointment today.

Up-To-Date Chiropractic Treatment

We'll start out with an evaluation to determine where your pain may be coming from. From there, we can determine which up-to-date and effective method of chiropractic services will work for you.

Determining Your Best Course of Treatment

Experienced chiropractic care

To start your treatment plan,

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Correct Body Alignment to Relieve Arthritic Symptoms

Correct Body Alignment to Relieve Arthritic Symptoms