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Have you ever felt unattended to at a crowded rehab facility, where one therapist is treating multiple patients? We treat all patients one-on-one, which allows us to reduce treatment frequency and minimize the risk of reoccurrence.

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Help improve day-to-day life through the benefits of physical therapy. It is often recommended by doctors following injuries, surgeries, or in the case of longstanding health problems. Physical therapy can help improve mobility and, in some cases, reduce pain.

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  • Stretching

  • Core Exercises

  • Weight Lifting

  • Walking

  • Education

Physical Therapy Includes:

Your physical therapy program will be tailored to fit your needs and your specific condition. We take a number of approaches, but our focus is educating you and improving your condition to help reduce the frequency of your visits and improve your daily life.

The Right Approach

Patients suffering from the symptoms from Multiple sclerosis, Parkinson's disease, Spinal stenosis, COPD, tendon or ligament problems, and back pain can sometimes find relief in physical therapy.

Physical Therapy Help For a Number of Conditions

Improve day-to-day life with physical therapy

Improve day-to-day life with physical therapy

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