Colacurcio Wellness LLC
(DBA: Vitality Modern Wellness)

Health Club Membership Agreement


This agreement is entered into between the parties:
Colacurcio Wellness LLC (DBA: Vitality Modern Wellness) (hereinafter referred to as “the Club”) and    (hereinafter referred to as “the Member”)

Effective Date:

This agreement is effective as of

Membership Details:

  1. Membership Type: The Member agrees to enroll in the following membership type: month to month.
  2. Membership Fee: The Member shall pay a monthly fee of $ .
  3. Membership Period: The initial membership period shall be one month, commencing on the Effective Date. After the initial period, this agreement shall continue on a month-to-month basis unless terminated as per the terms below.

Club Services:

The Club agrees to provide access to its facilities, equipment, classes, and services as described in the Club’s website, or brochure during regular operating hours.

Payment Terms:

  1. Payment Method: The Member agrees to make monthly payments via an online payment processor.
  2. Late Payments: A late fee will be assessed for payments received after the due date. Excessive lateness will result in the revocation of the member's access.


  1. The Member may terminate this agreement by providing written notice (email, text message, or letter via USPS are all acceptable) to the Club at least ten days prior to the desired termination date. This minimum of ten days’ notice to terminate your membership is subject to change.
  2. The Club reserves the right to terminate this agreement for non-payment, violation of club rules, violation of the Club’s Code of Conduct Policy or other reasons as specified in club policies.

Release of Liability:

The Member acknowledges the inherent risks associated with physical exercise and agrees that the Club shall not be liable for any injuries or damages that may occur while using club facilities or services. Privacy Policy: The Club will collect and use personal information as necessary for membership and may send occasional club-related communications via cell phone call, text message, or any messaging through various social media outlets. The Club will not share personal information with third parties without the Member’s consent.

Entire Agreement:

This agreement constitutes the entire understanding between the parties and supersedes any prior agreements or representations.

By signing below, the Member acknowledges and accepts the terms and conditions of this Health Club Membership Agreement.

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