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Welcome to Vitality Modern Wellness, a state-of-the-art fitness center dedicated to empowering individuals on their journey to optimum health and well-being. Our cutting-edge facility offers a holistic approach to fitness, combining the latest technology, expert guidance, and a supportive community to help you achieve your wellness goals.

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Who We Are

We provide a convenient, high end, safe facility for members to exercise in which will give them a great opportunity at staying as pain free and active as long as possible throughout adulthood, middle age, and into retirement years.

Our Philosophy

What is the hardest part of the adult workout?

Finding the time and having the discipline to start the workout! Our convenient location with ample parking is super easy to get to with entrances into our parking lot from three different streets: Bloomfield Ave, Clinton Rd, and Passaic Ave. By the time you get out of your car you’ll be on a cardio machine warming up before you know it.

Many of today’s health clubs and boutique fitness studios are not designed to allow members to perform a fundamentally sound full body workout consisting of all three phases of training: (resistance, aerobic, and flexibility)

Most health clubs do not offer elevated mat tables which is crucial in performing a proper posture corrective / core strengthening routine. Most importantly, getting up and down from the floor multiple times during a workout is counterproductive because this can speed up arthritic change in our knees, spine, etc. or cause low back pain. Most clubs simply do not offer the wide array of amenities and specialty equipment that we do such as our Hamstring stretch machine and 13 different types of cardio machines to choose from.

Many boutique fitness studios unfortunately are too cookie cutter because usually you can only show up to take a class, which for many can be too difficult, etc., and lead to injury, over training, or a plateau. Also, this type of business plan does not allow the member to accomplish all of the other crucial exercises that must be performed weekly, which gives you a better chance of avoiding joint pain. It also doesn’t allow members to show up on their own to use cardio machines in order to perform as much cardio / aerobic training on a weekly basis as is required to maintain optimal brain, heart, and lung health.

We have built a conveniently located, premier health club-longevity gym. A safe facility for members to exercise in which will give them the best opportunity at staying as pain free & active as long as possible throughout life. As a Chiropractor & personal trainer, I’m not a back cracker. The gist of my treatment is spending an hour with each patient, teaching them a full body: core strengthening/ stretching routine aimed at correcting postural decline that occurs with age. This “posture corrective approach,” is the key to eliminating/ preventing nerve & muscular pain while slowing the progression of arthritis throughout our bodies. My experience has taught me that most people do not exercise enough, correctly, or not even at all.

– Dr. Steve Colacurcio

Vitality Videos

Our journey to create Vitality Modern Wellness, and the latest videos about our facility.

Training Programs

Vitality Modern Wellness is designed to allow members to perform the safest, most effective exercise program geared toward maintaining a pain free, active lifestyle to extend longevity.

Complimentary Training Session

Each new member receives one complimentary / orientational type 55 minute personal training session with Dr. Steve Colacurcio.

Personal Training

One on one training session.  Each session lasts 55 minutes.  You are encouraged to arrive 10-15 minutes early for a proper cardio/warm-up.

Buddy Personal Training

One trainer and two clients training session.  Each session lasts 55 minutes.  You are encouraged to arrive 10-15 minutes early for a proper cardio/warm-up.

Community Seminars

Occasional health, wellness, and longevity type seminars including guest speakers will be scheduled for the Vitality Community.

Small Group Private Training

Limited group – maximum of 8 participants (view details)

Membership Benefits

Become a member of a health club that is devoted to helping you achieve your goals. Our high-end facility will give you a great opportunity to maintain a pain-free, active lifestyle into adulthood, middle age, and retirement years.

  1. Unlimited & full access throughout all normal business hours.
    • 5am – 11pm Monday – Thursday
    • 5am – 10pm Friday
    • 5am – 8pm Saturday – Sunday
  2. Enjoy perhaps the most advanced group of cardio machines anywhere with thirteen different types of cardio modalities to choose which totals nineteen machines.
  3. 40 Digital combination lockers are available complimentary.
    • GONE are the days of carrying in a combination lock in with you.
    • Simply put your belonging inside a locker of your choice, type in any 4 digit code to your liking, hit lock, and you can begin your workout.
  4. Premium membership includes access to two different Saunas (a double & a single).
  5. Kitchen access included. 
    • Includes use of our Vitamix Blender, Keurig: coffee machine, Nespresso: Espresso machine, Refrigerator with automatic filtered ice maker for smoothie / protein shake making.
    • Complimentary Water through our reverse osmosis water filtration system.
    • Complimentary large and mid-size cold packs are available to use.
  6. Complimentary Personal Computer use in our Business Center
  7. Use of our many exercise mat and stretch tables so you do not have to get up and down off the floor to perform your floor type / core strengthening & stretching exercises.
  8. Peloton® spin classes are available at no additional charge on our multiple Peloton® bikes.
    Complimentary tablet/smart phone holders are available to drape over Peloton® screens to watch your own content in lieu of viewing a Peloton® class.
  9. Complimentary use of our Hypervolt: Electric massage gun, electric massage foam roller, and electric massage yoga ball.  Contact Dr. Steve Colacurcio to access this equipment.
  10. Complimentary use of moist heat packs are available.
  11. Premium membership includes access to Dr. Steve Colacurcio’s private small group training classes. (Schedule is subject to change, and number of participants will be limited. Sign up to register for private training classes.)

Membership Dues

Basic Membership:$70 / month* per personAdd a family member for $60 / month

Premium Membership:$99 / month per personAdd a family member for $75 / month

No long-term commitment • Month to month membership only • No cancellation fee

*Basic membership does not include Vitality’s Strength Training Classes or access to the Sauna.  Family member access extends your membership to a member of your household.

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Vitality Gallery

Brand new, state of the art equipment and modern technology along with our amenities makes VITALITY the first of its kind, in the class of high-end boutique health clubs!