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Accelerate Healing & Relax Muscle Spasms

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Tailor Sessions To Your Needs

Reasons To Choose Us Over A Corporate-Run Massage Studio:

  1. We charge less.
  2. Sessions last “60 minutes” unlike chain places which are only 50 minutes.
  3. We don’t rope you into a monthly membership fee.
  4. We have STRONGER, more experienced therapists because we compensate better.
  5. Dr. Colacurcio DC consults with new clients to discuss any painful areas so he can discuss with therapists, what techniques should be used.
  6. Conveniently text Dr. Colacurcio any time at (201) 888-0868 to schedule, change, or cancel any appointments.
  7. We can use moist heat packs during the massage.
  8. Dr. Colacurcio trains & develops all therapists in both proper stretching technique and the art of trigger point massage which aims to reduce muscle spasms.
  9. We have high end tables that are wider, softer, & have a platform arm rests.

What is Therapeutic Massage?

Our therapists are trained to use elbows, knuckles, & thumbs to get deep into certain trigger points that will relax muscle spasms and reduce your pain. Our tables are top of the line equipped with arm an rest so your arms aren’t dangling off the table.

Therapeutic Massage

Our Massage Therapists Listen and Tailor Sessions to Fit Your Specific Needs.