Stretch Sessions

Improve Posture & Prevent Injury

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SAFE & Professionally supervised

Reasons To Chose Us Over A Corporate/Franchise Stretch Studio

  1. We charge less.
  2. We add targeted trigger point massage work into each session which helps relax muscle spasms.
  3. Our “Stretch Therapists” are highly qualified. They are both NJ Licensed Massage Therapists and certified personal trainers.
  4. We use PNF Stretching, which has a muscle contraction component to it, so you will get some muscle strengthening out of your session as well, which makes this “Stretch Massage,” very productive.
  5. We don’t try to rope you into a monthly membership where you have to put your credit card on auto-pay every month in order to get a decent rate, and then if you end up cancelling you lose any leftover unused sessions.
  6. Conveniently text: Dr. Steve Colacurcio DC to schedule, change, or cancel appointments.
  7. Our “Stretch Therapists” have all completed a ten hour certification class in “Stretch therapy: upper & lower body protocols.”
  8. Our “Stretch Massages” are SAFE & Professionally supervised.

Benefits of Stretch Sessions

  • Reduce Pain
  • Increase Flexibility
  • Prevent Injury
  • Improve Posture

Conveniently text to schedule, change, or cancel appointments.