Payment and Cancellation Policy

Payment Details

$60 even cash or check for 60-minutes (with a $20 minimum gratuity) because we keep a discounted rate.

  • 3% credit card fee

Introductory 60-minute massages are $55 Per:

  • $75 for 75-minute ($25 minimum gratuity)
  • $90 for 90-minute ($25 minimum gratuity)
  • $120 for 120-minute ($50 minimum gratuity)

Late Cancellation Policy

4 hour Cancellation Policy or a Discretionary:

  • $35 fee for 60-minute
  • $45 fee for 75-minute
  • $55 fee for 90-minute

If you cancel within four hours of your scheduled massage appointment I must compensate our therapists depending on the length of the massage, this is why I would have to charge a discretionary “Late Cancellation Fee”.

This benefit is very important to our great massage therapy team. This helps us retain and attract the most experienced, strong, and professional massage therapists around!

If you need to schedule, change, or cancel an appointment I can be reached via text at (201) 888-0868 , 24 hours per day.